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Top Tier

Business Education Class

Live and In-Person

Raleigh, NC - Wilmington, NC - Charlotte, NC - Atlanta, GA - Orlando, FL - Houston, TX - Harlem, NY

What is Business Education and why is it important? Business Education is about truly knowing how businesses work and grow. It's about being able to understand what business compliance is, how to keep your taxes compliant and how to properly keep track of your finances. It's important because having the knowledge to know and understand how business actually works, will put you in a better position to make educated decisions on the next steps you need to take in your business and how to actually take them.

Don't be like the millionaires and 6 figure earners that lose it all because they aren't educated on their business and how taxes works so they solely depended on others to tell them incorrect information. Instead, get to know your business so that you can have the knowledge to vet your people the right way!

The purpose and main focus of our Business Education Classes is EDUCATION. During our class we will be educating you on the truth about running a successful and sustainable business so that you can educate others on how to do the same!

What's Included?

Business Development

  • Explanation of each business entity.

  • Explanation of how to choose the best entity for your goals and current state in business.

  • How and when to convert your business from LLC to Corporation, Sole Prop to Corporation.

  • Hands on walk through of how to properly build out that business.

  • When to create a holding company and how it works.

  • How to create a Corporate Veil.

  • How to build Business Credit.


  • How each business entity is taxed. (Self Employment, C Corp, S Corp, Partnership)

  • The taxes businesses are responsible for throughout the year (Estimated taxes, Payroll taxes, Sales Taxes, Franchise Taxes)

  • What each tax identity is.

  • When to switch the business tax identity.

  • How to choose the best tax identity.

  • How to switch the tax identity.

  • How to file each business tax the business is responsible. 

  • Tax Deductions

  • Tax Credits


  • How to setup bookkeeping software

  • Bookkeeping terminology

  • Proper Categorization

  • Creating Chart of Accounts

  • Pulling Financial Reports

Bonus's Just For You

  • How to hide within your business

  • 90 days of hands on mentorship

  • Access to exclusive Business Education Group

  • How to Implement your services

  • How to price your services

  • How to create packages

  • How to automate these services

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Business Education Info Guide

  • Business Education T-Shirt

Early Bird Tickets are $99 per person

early bird price applies to tickets purchased at least 25 days before the class date (early bird discount is automatically applied, no coupon necessary) 

General Admission Tickets are $197 per person
No tickets will be sold at the door

Grab your ticket by clicking your location of choice!
All classes will be held from 10am - 2pm in its corresponding time zone

Meet Your Instructor

Dorcas Brown

Dorcas Brown is a wife, mom of 3, and multi-business owner but did not start out this way. 

Dorcas was raised in a 2 parent household where both of her parents built and ran a successful business that would soon be left to her mother. When Dorcas was 9 years old her father died of Prostate Cancer leaving her mother to be a single mom of 3 children. As a single mom she picked up where her husband left off and ran with it by continuing to grow the family business to ensure that her and her children would never go without until she passed in 2019 from Ovarian Cancer. 

She always explains her personal history because her parents are the reason why she is who she is today. Because of her mothers strength and guidance and her fathers leadership and entrepreneurial background they instilled in her the want and determination to follow along in their footsteps. 

From the ages of 16 - 28, she started working in the accounting field starting out as a Cashier for a local Carwash and moving up to becoming the bookkeeper and backup manager of the facility handling most of the businesses finances. She later began working in the Accounting Department at Honda for a brief period of time and eventually took on the accounts receivable, accounts payable, and head of accounting roles in a Commercial Cleaning Company where she handled the finances for multiple branches.

At the age of 17 she and her bestfriend started their first business business, a high waist swimsuit company. This business was created because she and her friend saw a need in the swimsuit industry that was not being filled. After building this business to be a well known company she and her friend decided to close the business because it was not their passion. Throughout this process she learned that her true passion was business and finances so she put her all into learning and educating herself about finances and business through real life situations, her jobs and continuing education programs. 

Since the age of 16 she has created over 300 businesses for herself and others including educating each business owner on what is included in running a business. She has also helped over 200 people file and understand business taxes and and has helped over 150 business owners get their finances together through proper bookkeeping practices.

In 2018 she decided to officially establish a business that she was truly passionate about, Fulton's Services, which is now known as Top Tier Financial & Business Solutions. She decided to do this because she saw that there was a huge gap between individuals starting businesses and business owners actually knowing their businesses. With her many years of experience she knew that she could be the person to come in and fill that gap. Since then she has made it her mission to educate as many business owners as possible about what it truly means to be a business owner and the responsibilities that come along with it.

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