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This class is a prerecorded class that goes over The Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship when it comes to the business and financial aspect.


This class we will go over:

  • Business Structures
  • Business Protections
  • Asset Protections
  • Business Responsibilities
  • Choosing the right structure
  • Permits & Licensing
  • Financial Tracking
  • Banking
  • Paying Yourself


Upon purchase you will receive your receipt with the link to download the class recording and password. Once you open the link please click on the download button and use the passcode provided on the download to access the course. 


By purchasing this product you understand that the digital link sent to you on your receipt is only available for 30 days from the date of purchase. Due to the nature of this purchase no refunds will be issued. The intellectual proper requested is automatically transmitted to you via email upon purchase.

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

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