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Top Tier Financial Business & Solutions, LLC also known as TopTierFBS has put in the place the following terms and conditions for our Tax Professional Training Programs to include but that are not limited to our Personal Tax training program, Corporate tax training program, and bundled (corporate & personal) tax training program.

Communication: all communication is to be held via email at, via phone (919) 896-3329, and via each individual private group on our Spaces App (TopTierFBS). There will be no communication had via social media or any other platform once you have registered for our program. Hours of Operation for TopTierFBS are Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm eastern standard time, Closed on Sundays & Saturdays. In the event we do not answer your call we reserve the right to respond to your calls and messages within 24-48 business hours. 

Chargebacks & Refunds: Due to the content and intellectual property shared throughout our training programs there will be no refunds or exchanges for these trainings. If you, the customer are unhappy with your purchase, or if there is a quality or performance issue with the product, or some other type of subjective dispute that you want resolved, you agree to not contact the payment processor used to purchase our course to file a dispute for the transaction. Instead you agree to contact us, Top Tier FBS, for a collaborative solution that does not include a refund dur to the nature of services provided. 

Payment: Payment or initial payment via a payment plan approved by Top Tier FBS must be made in order to enter the training program. If you signed up using our in-house payment plan your monthly payment will be due on the same day, give or take a 1-2 day difference, each month for 4 months beginning the date you signed up. In the event your payment is not made 5 calendar days after the due date you will be suspended and removed from the training program and everything that comes along with it until you pay you past due balance in full. If your past due balance is not paid in full but the last day of our training program you will no longer be able to pay your past due balance you will not gain access to any material shared. 

Access: During our training program all classes will be live streamed virtually via Zoom or WIX Live. These recordings will be accessible once class is over giving you the ability to go back to rewatch the training as needed.

Confidentiality & Copyright Infringement: Top Tier Financial & Business Solutions, LLC reserves all rights to the materials and information shared throughout the program. All information shared throughout this program from both the provider and customer is considered confidential information and will not be shared outside of the training group or program without previous consent given by both parties. In the event it is found that the customer is taking the material provided and used in the training program Top Tier FBS reserved the right to take legal action to the fullest extent of the law to recover any damages or to resolve the theft of property. 

Services: The services including in each training program are respective to what is stated on website. 

Governing Law: These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with and governed by Federal laws and the State of North Carolina laws. Jurisdiction for any legal matters is reserved to the state of North Carolina.

By moving forward with your purchase you are stating that you agree to and understand these terms and conditions as written and that no other agreements or conversations will superseded this agreement unless in writing and signed by both parties. 

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