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911 Tax Support Hotline

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Business returns, personal returns, tax planning questions, tax resolution questions, tax problems, due diligence questions WE GOT YOU!

Unlimited Support for your
Tax Needs

  • LLC, Unregistered Business, DBA, Sole Proprietorship (Schedule C)

  • Real Estate/Passive Income (Schedule E)

  • Nonprofit (all variations of 990)

  • Partnerships (Form 1065) 

  • Depreciation

  • Businesses taxed as an S Corp (1120S)

  • Corporations or businesses taxed as a Corp (1120)

  • Individual Returns 

  • Tax Credit questions

  • Tax Deduction questions

  • Sales & Use Tax questions

  • Employer tax withholding questions

  • Tax problem questions

  • Tax planning questions (to reduce tax liability)

Hotline Hours: 
Monday - Friday: 7am - 9pm EST​
Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 7pm EST

Direct contact line via text, phone or email
12 hours worth of Phone Calls per month
2 hours worth of Virtual Calls per month
Unlimited Texts & Emails during Hotline Hours

Immediate Answers or Answers within the hour
Expert Tax Professionals to assist you with your tax concerns

Let's Get You Registered!

911 Tax Support Hotline



Every month

With us in your back pocket you'll never have to stress about tax issues or questions again!

Valid until canceled

Terms & Conditions: 

You can cancel your Tax Support Hotline plan at anytime. Early termination of your plan does not warrant a refund. If payment is missed with your monthly subscription you will have 5 business days to update payment and pay past due balance. If the past due balance is not paid in full within the 5 business day timeframe your monthly subscription will be canceled. If you contact us outside of business hours we will respond to all calls or text messages in the order that they were received. Unlimited text and calls is truly unlimited. If we are in the middle of assisting another client we will respond to your questions when we have satisfied that client or via text message. All information shared during phone calls and via text messages is confidential and will not be shared with any third party's. Customer support for any questions and concerns is during hotline hours. If you would like to cancel your plan just click cancel on your subscription membership page. Left over hours do not roll over to the next month. Left over hours will be lost. 

Registration Process:

Step 1: Click "Register Now" above to start start the registration process. 

Step 2: Subscribe to Top Tier Financial & Business Solutions website. If you are already a subscriber skip to step 3.

Step 3: Make sure you save our Hotline Number and Email Address for quick questions and responses.

Step 4: Get ready for a successful Tax Season with Expert Tax Professionals on your side!

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